Diffractive-Refractive Multifocal Hydrophilic Intraocular Lens

Freedom to choose from 2 different multifocal IOls

We at Freedom ophthalmic believe in the freedom to choose multifocal iols in either hydrophilic or hydrophobic material manufactured with two different technology to meet the needs of every patient

Freedom Ophthalmic proposes 2 different models of multifocal Iols in Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic material with two different technology to meet the needs of every patient.

Why every multifocal Iol is not equal?

The principle of multifocal IOLs is to split light energy to achieve sharpness for distance and near vision. The number of rings, their height, and the interval between the diffractive zones play an important role in the light distribution (RNI). Depending on the amount of energy chosen between two foci, the patient can have a high contrast or low contrast image.

Freedom Multifocal’s advanced design with diffractive zones on the anterior surface and posterior aspheric surface with 360° square edge provides excellent visual performance under all light conditions.

Higher Visual comfort and Pupil Independency

Pupil dynamics decreases with age. Multifocal IOLs dependant on pupil has poor contrast sensitivity.

Freedom Multifocal hydrophilic Iols with smart apodization technology allows for balanced light distribution of 60% for distance vision and 40% at 5.5mm pupil aperture

Freedom multifocal Hydrophobic s unique diffractive technology provides balanced RNI of 60% for distance vison and 40% for near vision at 3.5mm pupil aperture



  • Contaflex 26% UV 1% Hydrophilic Acrylic with refractive index 1.46 and 360° square edge
  • Diffractive-Refractive apodized design for better energy distribution
  • 26 diffractive zone
  • +3,5 D additional power
  • Diopter Range from +5,00 D to +30,0 D step
Model MFR 603SQ MFR 603SQY
Optic Design Single Piece, Diffractive-Refractive, 360° Square Edge with Aspheric Optic
Material Hydrophilic Acrylic Yellow Hydrophilic Acrylic
Near Addition +3.50D
Optic Size 6.00mm
Over All length 12.50mm
Haptic Angle 0°, Dual Haptic
Ultrasound A Constant : 118.0 - Hoffer Q : 4.97 - Holladay : 1.223 - Haigis : 1.277/0.400/0.100
IOL Master A Constant : 118.0 - A Constant SRK/T : 118.40 - A Constant SRK/II : 118.70

Hoffer Q : 4.88 - Holladay 1 : 1.10 - Holladay 2 : 4.965 - Haigis : 0.647/0.400/0.100

Refractive Index 1.46
Sterilization Steam
Incision 2.20mm - 2.80mm

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